Tuesday, January 03, 2006

South American Communists Chumming it Up

Bolivia's new Marxoid president visited Venezuela to a warm reception. Worrisome quote from the Prensa Latina article:
Morales´ election victory is seen as a continuation of the Latin American integration process, in which Venezuela has become an important reference.
I can't be sure, but I think this is Latin American for "the gringoes are distracted by the Middle East and we can be as red as we want to be, at least for the moment."

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flint cordoroy said...

They were democratically elected. The regimes they replaced were certainly no paragons of Democracy, Civil Rights, or Freedom. If anything the regimes they replaced were holdovers from European Feudalism.

The United States' only responsibility to the third world is to not overthrow their democracies. We are not responsible for helping them "develop" with free trade deals and loans.