Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Just Rented My Blog

If you look over on the right hand side of this blog, you'll see a link for BlogExplosion. That's a traffic building site aimed at new bloggers; I've been with them for over a year and they really are a good program for folks who want to develop new blog traffic. The nicest thing about BE is that the new traffic you get are other bloggers, so you're automatically being exposed to a very good audience.

Right underneath that box you'll see a postage-stamp-sized ad slot for "Haunted House Dressing", a blog that has paid me vast bribes to be "featured" in that pathetic little ad spot. This is a new program that I'm experimenting with; bloggers trade display ad space on their blogs for one another. Unfortunately the ads are too small to be really useful; oh well.

Haunted House Dressing is a peculiar little blog with a lot of varying content. It's worth a look. Please, toodle over to the sidebar, click-through on that ad, and check them out.

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