Friday, January 06, 2006

I Love

Just sent a writer who works with me six books on business management for a book we're doing together. These are reputable, in-print, reasonably popular works by mainstream authors. I found them all on and had them sent directly to her. Shipping included, what do you think I paid?

$43.35 - less than half my budgeted amount. The shipping fees were $19.50 of that total, leaving us $23.85 for the six books - just under six bucks apiece.

I regret the demise of the small independent used bookstores, I really do. It was a genuine pleasure to stroll through those big doors and walk through the dusty stacks, looking for the newest arrivals, reading the community bulletin board, seeing neighbors and friends.

On the other hand, the independent bookstore wouldn't have had the six titles I needed, and it would have been more like $60 if they had.

We lose some things, and we gain others.

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flint cordoroy said...

Do you think your book will be any better than the six you ordered?

Society loses bookstores, but gains more redundant repetition?

Thomas Jefferson forbid an author must walk to a bookstore and gain first person awareness of the society he is writing to.