Monday, January 16, 2006

BNN Site Moved

I'm the editor of Blogger News Network, and just completed moving the site over to a Blogger model - mainly so that I'm not tied to the custom code I wrote for the site, which I no longer have time to maintain. It's actually ironic - I spent a good year tinkering with the code for the site, and in the end, kept nothing - we could have been on Blogger all this time.

Some people would say that represents wasted time. I would demur; one of the principal reasons I had for hand-coding BNN was that I wanted to learn ASP and how to build a scalable web application. There's no substitute for putting your hands into the engine and getting greasy; I know more about ASP now than I would ever have learned from books. The next time a client asks me about building a web site, I know exactly whether ASP and/or .NET would be a good model for them to use - instead of guessing based on analysts' opinions.

Additionally, in the interim, Blogger has ironed out most of its issues and is now a very stable platform; late adoption pays off. I'll now be spending my BNN-time on editing, soliciting new writers, and promotion, rather than writing code to reinvent the wheel.

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