Monday, January 16, 2006

Japanese Scientists to Sample Mantle

This is cool; a Japanese research ship is going to pierce the Mohorovicic Discontinuity and bring up a sample of active mantle. They're hoping it'll have microbes in it - there's a theory that life on earth began in the mantle, of all places.

As an added bonus, Japan will get +6 minerals and +6 energy for working that tile. (Special bonus geek points if you know what the heck that refers to.)


Tuomas said...

Alpha Centauri. Thermal borehole provides +6 minerals and energy. And pollutes a lot. Me, I prefer to be in harmony with the planet.

flint cordoroy said...

when a character in River City Ransom or Secret of Mana increases their stats through consumption of food.

Piercing the Mantle eh. I hope it doesn't result in a new Volcano.

Robert said...

Tuomas wins a prize! It's the no-girlfriend-live-alone-forever prize, but it's still a prize.

Planet can handle the boreholes; just tree farm + centauri preserve, snag the Pholus Mutagen and keep a Green economy, and you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Tuomas said...

It's the no-girlfriend-live-alone-forever prize, but it's still a prize.


Yes, boreholes are manageable in some situations. Forests with all the upgrades are pretty good though, +2 food, +3 minerals, +3 energy, IIRC. No issues with pollution and easy to build.

Robert said...

True. However, I like to play as the Pirates, and drown the world. All those pesky forests cut down on my greenhouse gas generation.

Glaivester said...

Aren't they afraid that they will release D. Compose if they go into the Moho Discontinuity?

Bonus points to whoever gets that reference.