Thursday, January 12, 2006

10,000 Visitors - Woohoo!

All right! Not bad for exactly one month.

Congratulations, IP address "70.132.0.#" of "Unknown Country", reading the blonde joke post and coming here via Feministe. You win a prize! A fabulous prize. Just as soon as I think of what it is. Um...a pack of delicious Orbit gum! Yes, a mostly unconsumed pack of peppermint Orbit sugar-free gum, just for you.

But seriously, thanks to everyone who has dropped by, linked, commented, read, etc. I appreciate your visits.

(No, I'm not so pathetic that I sat here refreshing the hit counter for hours, waiting for it to roll over to 10k. I planned to do this post whenever I got over 10k, and just happened to check the stats when it was at 9999. Then I sat pathetically hitting refresh for a few minutes, because that's just a great picture to get, from the sad-ego-stoking point of view.)

Update: And the US hits 300,000,000. But you know, they didn't do it on an EXACT ANNIVERSARY DATE, so really, I'm not very impressed. Any damn fool can just rack up the numbers.

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