Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sharon's Stroke a Harbinger of Change in Israeli Political Scene

Stephen Green makes other new dads look bad with this incisive report on the likely ramifications of Sharon's stroke. (And via the same, Daniel Pipes has more.)


flint cordoroy said...

the contractors will have to find someone else to bribe gain a competetive advantage in constructing new settlements. The U.S. will have to make new contacts for dispensing the massively over-disproportionate amount of aid Israel gets from the U.S.

Israel has proven one thing only: its ok to acquire nukes so long as your campaign donations are properly channeled.

I'm pretty sure this won't upset Senator Lieberman and Pat Robertson appearing on infomercials soliciting donations to move jews from Russia to Israel, or convert South American indians to judaism and transport them to Israel. What a brilliant population race.

From a legal perspective Israel sets a remarkable precedent. I suspect that within 1700 years various branches of the Cherokee throughout North America will successfully petition whatever government exists to grant them legal right to sovereignity over Georgia and South Carolina

mythago said...

or convert South American indians to judaism

I doubt Pat Robertson wants to convert anyone to Judaism. You do realize that Judaism forbids proselytizing, yes?