Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Steyn on the Suicide of the West



flint cordoroy said...

The suicide of the West is a very real phenomena. Steyn gets most of it wrong, but it is very real.

Easter Island really did fail from ecologic catastrophe, just as Iceland would have without continued European support and very socialist-sounding institutions.

The suicide of the West is simple: it's adoption of free trade deals and promotion of monopolies. Al Queda is a blip on the radar. We export manufacturing to spend more on advertising, then get so sedentary most of our old people require constant healthcare.

The threat of severe oil shortages is very real: We spend at least 200 billion dollars on Iraq alone, and a few hundred more billion tidying up our "interests" in the region. Our continual bombing of Iraq has undoubtedly left tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead. Considering they were among the most secular or moderate islamic nations in the Middle East this doesn't show much consistency. And it demonstrates our leaders don't belief half a trillion dollars a year in infrastructure and research will yield an alternative energy source/consumption patterns.

The population race is much like the arms race. We are afraid of being overwhelmed by the excess populations of developing nations, so promote continual population growth at home.

Who are the Americans having abortions? Chances are they are people you don't like who would have raised their kids to be people you spend a lot of money to move away from. And these people aren't like this because of welfare. They're like this because they're brainwashed and narcoticized into continual patterns of gluttony and envy and instant gratification by the tvs made all the more cheaper by exporting American factory jobs. Jobs they should have been working.

Al Queda is right to not confront the U.S.military directly if it can help it. This is essentially the same strategy George Washington applied: keep an army in the field until the enemy gets demoralized, and is too busy fighting france in europe.

The United States has a trade deficit with Western Europe, China, Japan, and many other countries with much less freedom and/or much higher taxes. Go Fish.

flint cordoroy said...

What Steyn doesn't understand about the Al Queda movement is that although it centers around Islam, it would have taken place regardless of what religion most of the middle east and central asia was. Christian sects fight each other all the time.

If there is one thing Al Queda succeeds in it is united with factions of various interests. They can generally work with the Palestinians, although Bin Ladin wanted Saddam Hussein dead.

In this the resemble the Republican Party and its support blocks closely. The Republican party is riddled with odd alliances:

They are against abortion, yet against subsidizing aborters ability to take care of kids.

They proclaim themselves small government yet consistently run the highest budget deficits.

They are against Euthanasia yet also against socialized healthcare, and have been robbing the Social Security Fund surpluses for over 20 years to partly mask their enormous deficits.

They claim to be pro-market for healthcare, yet consistently outlaw the easiest medicine to produce...marijuana.

In the "good old days" they so longingly aspire to recreate, the average age was about forty. When someone was sick and keeping them alive was more expensive, more often than not they were just resigned to lay down and die, made reasonably comfortable with liquor, opium, ether, or whatever else.

The Republicans claim to be small government, yet consistently adopt policies which inevitably lead to demand for massive entangling alliances and spillover costs. Can you say Military-Industrial Complex?

The Republicans criticize European Socialism. When my relatives return from military assignments in Europe, they generally have this to say, "The cities are beautiful, the people are nice, every one is smart".

What Republicans fail to realize is that if Europe weren't socialized as it is, it would most likely have to devote itself to being as militarized as we are. Obviously our top guys don't want that, unless they see Europe soon being attacked by Asian Hordes(who would be able to afford equiping themselves since Free Trade and our big banks have devoted so much to industrializing Asia)

I know that Colorado's modern economy owes much of its growth to the placement of many government operations and the flock of contractors which follow them there. Its growth is a great argument for socialism. As most of it is new development built on mountainous geography it is fair to say Colorodoans enjoy a bigger slice of government spending and second-hand subsidies for oil imports than the stagnating rust belt.

This is the suicide of the West.