Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Interview with Stephanie

As part of a successful effort to distract her from the pain and suffering of shower time:

Daddy: Stephanie, what's your favorite show?

Stephanie: Dora.

Daddy: What's your favorite food?

Stephanie: Peanut butter jelly.

Daddy: What's your favorite animal?

Stephanie: Cow.

Daddy: What's your favorite song?

Stephanie: Itsy bitsy spider.

Daddy: Who's your favorite mommy?

Stephanie: [Mommy's name].

Daddy: Who's your favorite daddy?

Stephanie: Robert.

Six straight questions, six forthright answers. Don't tell me I'm not ready for the New York Times. I could get blood from a stone! And note how my clever ordering of the questions allows me to "spin" the story in a way favorable to my own interests.

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