Thursday, January 05, 2006

Microsoft/China Blog Censorship Debate Continues

RConversation has another good look at the Microsoft-Chinese blog censorship axis of evil. When I was at Microsoft, mumbledymumble years ago, there was a fair amount of informal, internal discussion about these kinds of questions. Microsoft has (had) a lot of libertarians on board, and back then, the more-or-less consensus was that as a company, we would engage places like China and use technology to free up their societies.

It seems like that consensus has evaporated, if ever it really existed. RConversation is right - we cannot rely on corporations to protect civil liberties. They may end up helping things, but only if it aligns with their financial targets. It behooves us, therefore, to ensure that it does align with their financials...

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flint cordoroy said...

it's kind of dumb for China and other developing nations to promote using microsoft. Linux is way cheaper, and they have excess number of people with nothing better to do than learn how to use it.