Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sexual Harassment at NYU Law

Feministe contributor Jill is being stalked and harassed online by yahoos on her law school's web forum. (I would use a much stronger word than yahoos but I don't use strong language on this blog.)

From her description of events, this seems like a classic pattern of sexual harassment - the type that laws are designed to punish. That those laws often go awry owing to whack-job feminism or rational rear-end-covering doesn't bear on the fact that in this case, it appears very clear that a group of boys is collectively attempting to create a climate of hostility and fear in order to prevent Jill from being able to go to school.

I don't like Jill very much, for intellectual reasons, but that isn't material. Her right to attend school without an oppressive climate should not be imperiled in this fashion. NYU should take action to clear their message forums of this type of harassment, or face substantial consequences.

UPDATE: It's a general law school web forum, not an NYU-specific site. That takes NYU out of the picture.


Miss Education said...

These aren't NYU forums. If I am correct they are independent.

Robert said...

Thanks for the information, miss education. That would seem to remove NYU from the equation.

mythago said...

In that it's not their forum, yes; in that it's one of their students, you'd expect them to be concerned (especially if the harassers are also NYU students).