Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pat Robertson Says God Punished Sharon for Giving Up Land

With apologies to Dr. Seuss:

Marion P. Robertson, won't you please go now?


flint cordoroy said...

I'm not sure God requires any particular people to hold his land in escrow. Pat Robertson should start a 900 number. It made dionne warwick rich.

Ron Franscell said...

From blogger Ron Franscell at ...

If Rev. Robertson knows what God is going to do, why doesn't he warn folks? And if God is now smiting fellows who divide, a repentant Robertson better have a word with the Big Guy. God knows where he lives. In fact, it's a little surprising that he hasn't already awakened with a Holy Hand Grenade in his boxers!

Look on the bright side, though: We didn't elect Robertson president. American Jews might be forced to wear Stars of David on their lapels or something equally creative. Rev. Robertson just seems a little too eager for fellow humans to suffer -- Hugo Chavez, for example -- for a clergyman. Say a prayer for poor Pat.

mythago said...

He's reached that point where you can't tell if he really believes his own garbage.

web_loafer said...

I'm glad Pat has a pipeline to God.
But I am surprized God didn't tell Pat how stupid he appears to other people.
I imagine he is saying this to people to send him money. He needs to have a friend to tell him how stupid he appears?
What a crackpot.