Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Independence May Be New Trend In Film

Will Collier of Vodkapundit has a brief review of a fan-made movie based on H.P. Lovecraft's horror classic, "Call of Cthulhu":
But it works. It's marvelous. It's easily the best film adaptation of Lovecraft, ever. If you've read and like the story, you will enjoy the hell out of this little movie; but even if you haven't, go reward ingenuity and craft and love, and get yourself a copy.
I suspect that this kind of thing is the wave of the future. I've seen some decent Star Trek fan films. The democratization of the technology for making movies - not super-8 flicks of the baby looking cute in a cowboy suit, real movies - has arrived. Any middle-class American who wants to have filmmaking as a hobby can produce movies at a level of quality broadly equivalent to Hollywood.

It will be science fiction and fantasy first, because those are the genres that attract nutty obsessionists like, uh, me. But drama and romantic comedy can't be far behind. The studios are doomed, and I for one say "hear, hear".

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