Thursday, December 01, 2005

WHO To Stop Hiring Smokers

You know what I hate? I hate when my principles and my gut feelings conflict.

The World Health Organization has announced plans to stop hiring smokers, going so far as to put a disclaimer on application materials saying, in essence, that smokers need not apply.

I don't care for anti-smoking fanaticism; it's petty and controlling and probably a sign of incipient fascism. Although I no longer smoke, I've been opposed to pretty much every smoking ban passed anywhere. I'm always glad to step up for my smoking friends out there. But, this time, WHO is totally within its rights - as would any employer be.

Smokers run up health costs, in a predictable and clear way. Companies have a right to minimize their exposure to risk by declining to hire people who they know are going to jack up their medical expenses.

You go, WHO.

Darn it.

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