Friday, December 23, 2005

Disillusioning Children on the Public Dime

Unbelievable. A substitute teacher in a Pennsylvania school told her 6- and 7-year old pupils that there was no Santa.

The teacher is philosophically correct. Kids have to learn the truth, and 6 is probably the age when the story starts to fall apart on its own under the inquisitive minds of the children. (Heck, Stephanie is three, and I'd wager she already has an inkling that Santa, like Dora and Boots and her other TV friends, is "pretend" rather than "real".)

But it isn't the teacher's job to transition kids into a better understanding of Christmas.

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mythago said...

What a moron. If she'd just added that Christmas is really about Jesus, she'd have the ACLJ suing those parents blind.