Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Space Tourist Gag Falls Flat for Me

Am I the only one who thinks that this isn't funny, just asinine?

So you tricked some people into thinking they were going into space. Wow, aren't you clever? Probably these people's lifelong dream, and they think they've achieved it, and then you reveal that the whole thing is just a joke.

When did mocking ordinary people's aspirations start being considered entertainment?

Next up for these producers: "Faux Home Makeover", in which a poor family is told their house is being reconstructed, but actually just a flimsy facade is thrown up. After the family goes delirious on camera at the thought of working plumbing and insulation that will actually keep them warm in the winter, the producers pull down the facade and send them back to their hovel. Hysterical.


faeriebell said...

yeah that's pretty cold. reality tv has really gotten worse.. if that was possible.

mythago said...

Candid Camera?

I really wonder more about the people who watch this stuff. Cocaine explains the invention of the show, but not its audience.