Sunday, December 11, 2005

RIP, Robert Sheckley

Science fiction great Robert Sheckley has died at the age of 77. Sheckley's most successful book in the mass market was "Tenth Victim", made into a movie of the same name. Most of his work was done in the 1960s.

I was introduced to the joys of Sheckley's sardonically witty universe by my old friend Sara Kahn back in college. Ah, memories...

(H/T Alas.)


nobody.really said...

Oh, Lord, you're not a Kahnian, are you? Tell me you weren't involved in Pulp...?

Robert said...

I did the production and shooting schedules for the video, and I played the dentist.

Brusha-brusha-brusha-brusha-brusha brush your teeth!

Which I still sing to my baby daughter.