Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Americans Still Believe in God

About 19 in 20 Americans believe in God, with 80% saying they are "convinced", according to a Gallup poll. Folks like the "brights" are convinced that the trend is in their direction; I doubt it.

God exists, and nearly all of us know it. Why, then, is so much attention paid to the views of people who don't accept the near-consensus? It's one thing to treat the minority view with respect and to make allowances, quite another to let one person in twenty set the boundaries for society.


Mikep_ said...

The atheists that 'get attention' as your post states, are simply trying to enforce the U.S. Constitution that separates church and state. So believe as you wish, just don't make the rest of endure it as public policy. Next point: whose god were the polls asking about?

McDuff said...

Because of the constitution of the United States of America?

Because the guiding light and rationale of a representative (as opposed to simple) democracy is that the majority can look out for themselves and, in general, it is the minority that needs special protection?

Because it's utterly irrational for Christians, who have it better in America than any other country in the entire world, to complain because they are forced to listen to other people's opinions?

Y'know, just off the top of my head.

Robert said...

The Constitution does not require that we pay attention to the opinions of a minority, McDuff. It requires that we refrain from trampling on their rights.