Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Men's Shelters

Men get battered by abusive spouses and partners.

It isn't as common as women being battered, but it does happen.

One common theme in some "men's rights" activism is that the mean old feminists are making it impossible for there to be shelters for men.

By and large, I think this complaint is hooey. I addressed it in this long comment over at Alas.

Money graf:
If men want shelters, men need to build shelters. If that takes money, well, grant applications are difficult but not impossible. Grant writers don’t work free but plenty work at reasonable rates. Or you could fund a private shelter on a payback system, or fundraise from hippie comsymps like Hugo. Hell, I wouldn’t be averse to supporting the right men’s shelter, and as a good Republican I hate all non-victims for reminding me of my humanity. There are a lot of options. This is America. You’re free. Go do it.
There's more at the link.


nobody.really said...

During the Selma bus boycott, did we say, “If blacks want to ride at the front of the bus, they should get their own buses”? Did we tell the women who wanted to attend the Virginia Military Academy “Get your own damn military academy”? So I'll contest the suggestion that men lack a basis for seeking public accommodations to the same extent as women.

Nor do I believe that only blacks should exhibit concern for blacks, or women exhibit concern for women. So I'm not persuaded that only men should exhibit concern for battered men. I’d seek concern from everyone, but I’d expect it most from people who had exhibited concern for battering in the past.

Regarding your argument that nothing happens without individual initiative - ok, you got me there.

mythago said...

So I'm not persuaded that only men should exhibit concern for battered men.

Me neither. But shouldn't men also exhibit concern for battered men? "You ladies do it" is not going to win anyone's hearts and minds.