Monday, December 19, 2005

Bow Before the Ultimate Cuteness

Christmas pictures of Stephanie with Santa (below). Which do you think is cutest, the one where she's looking down, or the one where she's looking at the camera? Vote in the comments.

While we were waiting in line, the two young boys behind us with their dad (ages 9 and 11, at a guess) were playing with monkey head toys they'd gotten at the barber. (The toys were long plastic sticks with a handle that can be pulled to make the monkey head open and close its mouth.) Stephanie was fascinated by the toys and asked the older boy if she could see it.

He handed it to her and said "you can keep it." We told the boy that was very sweet of him but he didn't need to give her his toy, but he insisted. Stephanie said thank you (with a little prompting) and the boy, his brother and she then played nicely together with the monkey heads.

How often do you see that kind of gentlemanly behavior any more? What a nice young man he was.

Stephanie later decided the monkey head was a magic wand and waved it at each other child in line, saying "I magic you!" No word on whether any of the children later developed any hexes, enchantments, or mysterious transformations.

Every day is a blessing.

1 comment:

Ampersand said...

I think the looking-down one is cuter, but it's a photo finish (as it were) - they're both adorable enough to make me womit.

What's with Santa's shirt? Not traditional. But the bald head is excellent - very realistic looking.