Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ann Coulter Speech Disrupted by Students

A recent Ann Coulter speech was disrupted by students at the University of Connecticut yesterday.

Ann is a jerk. But the message that disrupting someone's speech carries isn't "this speaker is awful".

The message is "we are cowards and we are unable to handle the existence of views alien to our own."

Pathetic and childish.


Aspazia said...


I find it unbelievable that Coulter supporters are willing to call 2600 spectators cowards because they jeered and booed her during a speech.

That really strains common sense.


Robert said...


If you were to come to the University of Colorado to give a speech about feminism's role in giving women a better life than traditional family structures can, and the students here all booed and jeered you - to the point where you could not speak - what message would you take away from that?

That the students were all secure in their beliefs, and willing to listen to someone tell them something new? Or that they were immature and unable to handle the presence of someone who disagreed with them about fundamental issues?

Ignoring or disapproving of someone's speech is one thing. Being so afraid that they will be heard that you have to silence them with childish behavior is quite another.

mythago said...

It was certainly unimaginative. Ann was probably rubbing her thighs together at the mere THOUGHT of being heckled.

Aspazia said...


What makes you think that these students were cowards? Perhaps they booed and jeered her because they think she does nothing but spew hate and bile when she speaks. Her entire modus operandi is to incite and stir up the crowd. She got what she wanted. To call them cowards in turn is to be disengenuous.

Coulter is a bully. She gets in peoples' faces and says unbelievably caustic things. After pissing people off long enough, when they react, she gets to say :"hey, look. they are cowards. These liberals are ill-mannered. These liberals are looney."

If I had been asked advice on how to really freak out Ann Coulter, it would have been to sit there in total silence. Ask no questions. No applause.

By their jeering, the students gave her exactly what she wants.


Robert said...

Perhaps they booed and jeered her because they think she does nothing but spew hate and bile when she speaks.

Then why did they attend her speech?

You're correct that cowardice is not the only possible motivation for their action. It could be that the students are attempting to stifle voices they disagree with.

That's not cowardly; just evil.

I prefer to think that they're cowards, than that they are evil.