Saturday, December 10, 2005

Living With Darth Vader

Apparently the Precious Child has been watching a few too many Disney villains.

While hanging out this morning, she took the pillow I use as an arm rest while working and hid it, then came back into my office cackling "You'll never see your pillow again! Never!"

I begged and pleaded. "Oh, please...please give me my pillow!"

"No, never! Bwa ha ha ha!" (I swear.)

I resorted to tears. "Boo hoo hoo...oh, where is my pillow? Boo hoo hoo."

"You will never see your pillow! Ha ha ha!"

Next stop, a light saber and some body armor.

1 comment:

Zach said...

Reminds me of an experience with my own precious child. I had always joked with people that I was going to teach my child "evil laughter", but I had (mostly) been joking.

Then one day, when she wasn't yet two years old, I was carrying her from the car to the shopping mall when she let out a "Bwah, ah, ahhhh!"

Honestly, I couldn't have been prouder. (that's the pro-imperialist warmonger in me coming out).