Monday, March 27, 2006

The Taliban Yalie and John Fund

John Fund is really starting to get pissed off. No intemperate rhetoric, just a quietly building anger.

Can't blame him; I feel pretty much the same way myself.


McDuff said...

I'm not getting the outrage on this issue, I will be honest.

This dude is coming over to learn, right? As a student? Not to lecture, not to set exams, not to teach in any way?

What's the problem? We shouldn't teach things to people we disagree with?

Robert said...

The problem is that slots at our top schools could more profitably be used to educate people who aren't, I don't know, former members of fascist governments who have shown no remorse or regret - or even that they've changed sides.

If Goebbels had escaped to the US in 1945, and been admitted to Yale, would you see a problem there?

McDuff said...

For the reasons I've already said, no. That is, there'd be a problem that he wasn't in jail, but that's not a decision that can be made by the university admissions board, is it?

Anyway, have you forgotten that we're talking about Yale here? There are plenty of spots there that could be better used to educate clever people that go to the impossibly mediocre spawn of donor families. Now, if he were taking a spot at a community college EFL course away from an immigrant plumber, there might be more of an issue.