Saturday, March 11, 2006

Run, Hillary, Run!

Hillary is expected to run for President, but has only lukewarm support in California and New York, two absolute bastions of Democratic politics.

Interesting. I would have thought she had more backing than this. Perhaps my Rice-Clinton dream scenario is doomed, not because of the obstacles facing Condi in a Presidential bid, but because Hillary's polling is so bad she might be denied the nomination.


mythago said...

We'll have President Obama long before a female President, Hillary or no.

Debbie said...

I sent you a trackback, but goofed. I listed you as "The Argument" rather than "The Argument Clinic". So sorry and will correct the error. Nice blog. I've never heard of BlogExplosion, but will check it out.
Right Truth

Ampersand said...

I wouldn't make too much of the New York polls - polls which ask Hillary vs. nobodyinparticular are bound to underestimate Hilary's strength, because nobodyinparticular has no negatives. At the bottom of the article, they mention this:

If the 2008 presidential candidates happened to be Clinton and Pataki, New York voters would back the former first lady, 49 percent to 36 percent, the poll found.

That said, I do think it's true that the base is lukewarm towards Hilary, because she's on the right wing of the Democratic party. I'm certainly not doing handstands at the prospect of a Hilary run.

Then again, since it's probably inevitable that whoever the Dem candidate is, will be someone I don't like much, I guess I'd prefer a female someone I don't like much over a male someone I don't like much, just for precedent's sake.

Robert said...

I think the liberal base is fed up with centrist, triangulating politics, Amp. Hillary has spent the last sixteen years perfecting those politics - which may have been a miscalculation on her part.

(On the other hand, maybe she really is a dark genius and in eighteen months she will stand up and say "I've been compromising and nuancing and now it's time to stand up! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!", and be swept into office on a wave of revolutionary populism.)