Monday, March 27, 2006

Banned at Feministe

Apparently I don't fit in with the new order. I think this thread, where Zuzu thinks a bilateral treaty modification is TEH APOCALYPSE and gets mocked, is what did it.

Ah well. The site isn't worth [as] much without Lauren.


mythago said...

Hm, I'd been thinking of going back (not banned, yet, as far as I know), but I really don't have patience for the mentality that you can argue with anyone you like except the blogger. No loss, then.

Robert said...

My impression is that you can argue with Zuzu as long as you're losing. Win, and die. I've had bosses like that. Big fun.

I don't understand why people with that mindset (if, in fairness, that is the mindset - perhaps I've just grossly misunderstood things) would blog in the first place. There are lots of ways to communicate your ideas specifically to the like-minded; blogging with comments is basically hanging out a sign that says "argue with me".

Which is why I'm always glad to see your name in the comments moderation queue, Mythago. ;P