Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stupid Homeowner, Stupid Homeowner's Association

This case is tooth-grindingly annoying. Woman with soldier husband serving overseas puts up "Support our Troops" sign. Problem: she's in a gated community with a rule against yard signs.

So now everyone is going round and round. Sigh.

If you're going to move into a community that has rules, read the darn rules and decide whether you can live by them or not. Sheesh.

If you're going to have a community with rules, be prepared to make modifications for them under certain circumstances. "Support our Troops" signs are probably a safe exception to the no-signs rules.

This is how despotisms start. Someone gets tired of watching the yammerers yammer, draws a sword, and starts cutting off heads until things are done intelligently.


mythago said...

The thing with signs rules is, there are no safe exceptions. "We don't allow signs" can be justified under the First Amendment; "We don't allow signs, except pro-troops signs" don't fly.

I've walked away from one tempting house offer because it came with a HOA; I'd rather rent.

emily1 said...

i like to refer to them as 'Village Idiot Committees'.