Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why Do Men Run Things?

Some interesting thoughts here. (Hint: it's not because we're superior beings.) I think the element most likely to be right is the bit about male variance making male homosocial groupings larger and less internally contentious than female groupings.


McDuff said...

One thing I have thought for quite some time is that, while there are many historic reasons for men gaining power in the early development of societies (and this theory is as valid as any), it does seem like the reason we keep power in the modern era is simply inertia. To be perfectly honest, while we were better suited to being in charge in times of tribes and even times of factories, now that we're in times of sitting in front of computers in office chairs, we might as well hand over the reins because women are far better suited to the jobs we are doing now. Socially, us men have evolved ourselves out of jobs.

mythago said...

Yet another article taking Freudian obsevations about children as The Way We Are, Bred In Our Bones. Big whoop.