Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Katie Who?

Why in the name of God's green apples am I expected to care about this?
Katie Couric's location, activities and intentions are material in two scenarios:
1) She is in my presence, interacting with me, and I need to be civilly interested in her life in order to be a decent human being.
2) She is being held hostage by terrorists on top of the Empire State Building and Nicholas Cage and Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis are all crawling through the ductwork to rescue her.
Otherwise, I don't care where you work, lady. Just get a job and do it, already.

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McDuff said...

Dude, you probably don't care who is doing the front of house mix for the Foos this tour, or who's taken over the head marketing position at United Widgets Inc. In this case, I'd advise you not to read trade rags where people talk about such mundanities.

I dunno, this just seems to be one of the weirdest targets of outrage I've seen.