Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boil Him In Oil


nobody.really said...

Interesting juxtaposition with the Katie Couric story. Is this just another example of a small story getting a lot of coverage because it happens to involve someone in the public eye?

The story does not suggest that the accused behaved in a way differently than other people accused of the same crime. The story does not suggest he used he exploited his office in furtherance of the crime, for example, or that he undermined prosecution of such crimes. (He was caught, after all.) So it is unclear to me why this guy warrants any different attention than anyone else who is accuse of the same crime.

So I suggest changing the title to “Boil’em all in oil,” or cutting the guy the same slack we cut everyone else. For better or worse, the unusual thing about this situation is not the accused’s conduct; it is the fact that we LEARNED about the conduct.

Robert said...

"Boil them all in oil" is fine with me. I was just reporting on this one case, however, rather than writing about the general theme of pervs trying to find young teen girls on the Internet, thus the use of the singular.

Mr. Picky.