Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pedophilia Hysteria May Have Contributed to Child's Death

Four years ago, a two-year old English toddler drowned in a pond near her home after wandering away from a day-care center. A passerby saw her walking along the road but did not stop, fearing that he would be thought an abductor. A tragic story, ably explored by Wendy McElroy.


mythago said...

You know, much as I am all against pedophilia hysteria, are we supposed to believe that "fear of accusation" prevented the guy from making a simple phone call?

"Oh, no, I didn't call 911 because I was afraid somebody would call me a rapist." Right, buddy.

Robert said...

Yeah, I would have to say that this fellow didn't exactly live up to the Good Samaritan ideal.