Monday, February 27, 2006

Microsoft Developing Ultraportable PC

This report is rather vague, but I hope it's true. I've never had a laptop that does what I want in a portable device. They're all too big and clumsy. But PDAs are underpowered and too small.

My ideal portable computer would be about 6" by 8" x 1". It could be a clamshell, but it would be better if it was just a block with the screen taking up the whole 48 square inches. A stylus/touchscreen for primary entry, and a connectible separate keyboard for serious text work. Built-in DVD/CD drive. Wireless connectivity, hard drive, a long battery life, and a real operating system would round out the package.

Something like that, I could sit with in a car or a plane and get surfing and light work done, and when I got where I was going I could pull the keyboard out of the suitcase, plug it in, and get down to work.

If Microsoft is thinking along the same lines, they'll have at least one customer.

And yes, I AM supposed to be working. Shut up.

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Tom Grey said...

It should be Voice actuated and mostly controlled by voice, as well as having a fine Voice to Text Voice-writer.

Best input would be stero mics on collar, I think.