Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pro-Choice Vandalism Strikes Another Pro-Life Display

Following the vandalism last month of a pro-life display at Northern Kentucky University, pro-choice activists destroyed another pro-life display, this time at Princeton University.
Pro-life group Princeton Pro-Life had erected a display of 347 flags, with each flag representing a student who might have been in the Princeton class of 2010, had they not been aborted. The display was torn down and vandalized; pro-choice activists cut up 30 coat hangers and spread them on the ground, and added sarcastic pro-choice messages to the display's signage.
Campus police are investigating the incident, but Princeton Pro-Life expressed skepticism about the investigation, saying that they believed investigating the vandalism was low on the priority list.

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mythago said...

And I'm sure if an abortion clinic had been vandalized, the pro-life organization would have been calling on the police to put it on the top of their list.

(No, I don't think the vandalism is excusable in any way. No, I don't think the campus police are secretly applauding the crime, either.)